Babes Who Brunch Collection Trio


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Coal and Canary 'Babes Who Brunch' Collection Trio. Includes Pancakes & Headaches, Mimosa Sips & Glossy Lips, and Cream Cheese & Gossip Queens.

"Pancakes and Headaches is everything you need the morning after a night out: pancakes, butter, and maple syrup. She may have a headache, but at least she’ll be full of the best Sunday morning grub."

"Mimosa Sips and Glossy Lips is a scrumptious blend of orange, cherry, and champagne that smells just like you’re about to go in for a cheers. She is perfectly pairs with day drinking — and you earned it after that long work week."

"Cream Cheese and Gossip Queens is a heavenly blend of strawberry, bagel, and cream cheese. This sweet and savoury trio is in a guilt-free zone that’s sure to satisfy your carb cravings."